Fall Festival


Preparations for the Miller Fall Festival (Thursday, October 24th) are well underway! All of the families at Miller will have the opportunity to help provide support for the festival by taking part in the creation of gift baskets that will be auctioned at the events silent auction. We are asking that the parents in each grade level collectively contribute items according to grade-level themes. We hope that through individual donation, we will collect enough items to provide 12 baskets filled with fun items for both students and whole families. Please send in new items only and feel free to get creative. The items listed below are only suggestions.

You can donate items by having your student bring them to school and turn into their homeroom teacher. You may also donate gift cards. The gift cards will be used to purchase items to fill the baskets. Please make sure gift cards are placed in an envelope marked with your student’s name and ATTN: Gift Basket. We ask that ALL donations be turned in no later than Friday, October 18th.

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and generosity. Your support is greatly appreciated by our school, our teachers, and in turn, your children. We look forward to seeing everyone at the festival.