21 Day Snack Challenge

The Snack challenge is a great way for Miller Elementary to not only promote healthy eating habits in families at their leisure, but it brings fun new recipes into our students’ life that promote healthy habits for them to continue in the future.

During this time frame you will be given instructions in to register to take on the challenge for 21 days. It is so important to the Schools Physical education initiative to take the time to complete this step and follow the directions at the end of the challenge.  With completion of the 21 day snack challenge and the survey taken by parents, the school will receive a incentive that will benefit Miller students Physical education! 

During this event we will be promoting each student and their families to try a new healthy snack or smoothie and for even more fun share and upload #healthyselfies.

So be sure to stay active in this event. We look forward to reaching all our goals each year!!